Week 3 – The Mix

As we progress in our course, it is time now to focus on some of the specific elements of how we convey our key messages, address our potential and current clients, as well as other stakeholders, and how we can effectively achieve our objectives through the various media.

Marketing Strategies

Please read the following articles:

Choose one strategy and complete the following “Thinking Routine” chart:

Service and Value

Please watch the following brief YouTube video on “The importance of Service and Value”:

How are you creating value in use for your school community? What extra value are you offering your school community?

Reviewing your Website

Please read the following article: 

Assess your school’s website. What elements would you like to change? Why?

(Answers are confidential – feedback will be provided)

Media and Messages

An important dimension of any marketing strategy involves successfully deploying messages for the various publics that we are addressing, and not only conveying the relevant and effective information but also doing it in the tone and the aesthetic appropriated to each medium. Education differs from other industries in that, as we have seen, we are addressing potential teachers and other schools also, and it is important to be mindful of who predominates in each of the respective environments.

The following form requests information regarding URLs of your various social media for the school as well as how you utilize them. Your answers will be confidential, but we intend to compile a page where we will feature a gallery with each school’s links so that other participants can both view it as well as providing you with constructive feedback and suggestions. Complete only if you are comfortable in taking part in this shared review.

Case Study – The Buyer Persona for MIS

As we have mentioned repeatedly, one of the keys to a successful marketing campaign involves a very systematic, step-by-step approach to what is a multidimensional and complex problem. One of the stages that can prove very useful in discerning key messages and language is describing the buyer persona, in our case, our potential prospective families. Please complete the following form, always in reference to our case study for the fictitious Manhattan International School.

(reference How to Create Buyer Personas for Your School)

Based on your knowledge of the target market and the information provided in the case, develop a buyer persona (a fictional representation of your prospective family based on real data).