Consulting / advisory process

There cannot be any standard set of steps towards developing the school of the future. The Learnerspace works with the school leadership team in assessing the potential for development of specific actions, strategies, changes in curriculum and pedagogy and interventions to organically develop multiple points of entry to create the school of the future within the school.
The process involves an in-depth dialogue with school leaders and stakeholders, learning about school practices, curriculum, facilities, design, technology implementation and what happens day to day at the school, in order to develop a series of strategies to jumpstart a profound transformation process, led by the school team with the support of The Learnerspace team, within a highly customized and interactive process.

A typical development process consists of:

– An initial exploratory conversation with school leaders to learn about their goals, objectives, and vision for their own school of the future.
– A school visit that includes an extended meeting and reflection with the leadership team, different observations of the school, a set of introductory general-purpose workshops on the above-mentioned principles for the school of the future, culminating in a detailed report with specific suggestions for strategies to develop the school of the future together with the school team.
– A design process with the school leadership team, which embodies the same principles that are proposed for the school transformation, working as a team to design the school of the future in what constitutes its own case study, as a way to gain relevance and strength for both the team and the proposed actions and strategies. By engaging in its own creation and design process, the team will exemplify the adult lifelong learning process that it seeks to instill at the school.
– An extended period in which the school team implements a series of strategies and projects, monitors and evaluates their development and periodically meets to reassess their impact and effectiveness with a view to sustain and improve the school of the future process.
All throughout this transformative journey, our consultants will accompany and assist the school team in providing critical feedback and technical suggestions to enrich the proposed change process. The goal is to develop a long-term plan for a self-sustainable process of reassessment of practice and technology deployment.