Whether we like it or not, an increasingly significant part of all our lives will be spent online. Traveling, buying and selling, exploring, learning, are all becoming everyday online activities, and, essentially, we use the online medium to relate to other people, a phenomenon that has substantially altered personal relationships and redefined the sense of intimacy.
As it would be expected, at almost every developmental stage, students are growing up digital in an ever more complicated world where personal and social relationships are being constantly redefined in a challenging and, sometimes, dangerous and unforgiving environment.

Schools cannot turn a blind eye to what occurs online, and their role is both to accompany students in these interactions, as well as accept the challenge of re-signifying social networks and the online medium for positive actions.

The Learnerspace´s OnlineEdu program comprises both a workshop that allows educators to gain experiential insights on the different online interactions and their implication on education, as well as a project based program that generates education initiatives using social networks and provide a clear pathway for schools to develop a digital citizenship program for their students.