Schools can no longer be thought of without taking student wellness into account. It is almost inconceivable that many students to graduate from high school without a clear awareness of healthy eating habits, nutrition, their own bodies, and the need to develop lifelong fitness habits in order to foster a healthy lifestyle.

The Learnerspace´s wellness program covers both healthy eating and sports and physical education, as a way to help schools develop this all-important area which should be an integral part of any school’s educational program.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition
• Our team comprises nutritionists, sport nutrition specialists and healthy cooking experts who work to adopt the school’s cafeteria menu and develop a program that offers guidance and support to families regarding healthy eating habits. A nutritionist visits the school periodically to work with families, providing them specific nutritional tips for their children.
The program also includes healthy eating and healthy cooking workshops both for families, staff and, especially students, with an emphasis on high school students that start cooking for themselves.

Sports & PE
• Our sports and physical education program focuses on explicitly highlighting cross curricular links to sports physiology, biomechanics, teambuilding, coaching, and other curricular topics related to sports. We also offer support to redevelop the sports and fitness program to incorporate engaging and fun activities that help students develop a greater awareness about fitness habits.