Digital Marketing for School Leaders – our WHY


  • Foreign languages so as to guarantee seamless immersion in a globalized world.
  • International exams for entry in foreign universities.
  • High-quality comprehensive education.
  • Our main statement is a school is the cultural experience and sharing of values in a bicultural environment.
  • Innovation, multilingual and bicultural.n pastoral, que acompañan el crecimiento de jóvenes íntegros forjados por los valores de la amistad y aquellos que se cultivan en el deporte.

WHY is quite generic – difficult to discern between schools.


  • International exams, family day, sports day, debates, concerts.
  • CAS activity, school missions, occasionally in student interactions.
  • Cultural traditions, fundraising events for social projects.
  • Curriculum that fosters initiative.

WHERE presents us with a challenge in how to cmmunicate visible actions.


  • Some staff are brand ambassadors, especially those who have studied at the school/university.
  • Yes, through the overall climate and best practices, but not necessarily the school motto.
  • Alumni and parents are the most loyal but also the most critical.

BRAND is very contextual in education.


  • Traditional values.
  • Able to pay school fees.
  • Values are not totally resonant with those of the community in our geographical location.
  • Families and alumni.

PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES hard to identify and reach.