Future of Education Event

Together with Fundación Vivir Agradecidos, this past November 28, we hosted a large scale event with more than 300 participants, Educando a Nuestro Futuro, an interdisciplinary conference including mindfulness, meditation, contemplative practices, and the latest neuroscience findings that provide support to the positive effect of such interactions. International speakers delivered keynote addresses in the morning, and, in the afternoon, attendees took part in interactive workshops where some of these practices were demonstrated, with a view on how they could be implemented at the school level.

During 2020 we will continue to work in developing education initiatives related to mindfulness, self-awareness, and how to acquire habits of mind and well-being, which are so necessary in education.

We invite you to explore all that happened in the event, including a giant photo gallery, links, references, as well as the presentations included in keynote addresses and workshops, through the following site https://nuestrofuturo.thelearnerspace.org/