The Leader’s Journey

The Leader’s Journey: from Success to Significance

A Transformative Retreat for Educational Leaders

Too often, leaders in education are overwhelmed with conflicting stimuli that target effectiveness, accountability, the need to completely reform the instructional process, pressure in the form of standardized test requirements. Being an educational leader is not only stressful, but also entails risking potential burnout.

The Leader’s Journey: from Success to Significance constitutes a unique opportunity to rediscover our leadership as a catalyst for personal growth, and to reinvigorate our vocation to serve in education. Exploring the dimension of leadership as a personal journey through reflections, interactivities, exercises, symbolic rituals and the use of nature as a powerful metaphor for the leadership journey, the retreat takes participants in an inner journey that seeks to increase their sense of awareness regarding their identity, a strengthening of their self-esteem and, ultimately, that they are able to express their renewed sense of self through their leadership roles.

Day 1: Discovering the personal dimension of leadership. Reassessing success, refocusing on the search for meaning and purpose. A quieting down day that seeks to pave the way for a deeper reflection on our identity as leaders. The Inner Journey. A day dedicated to the exploration of self, our innermost core as an anchor to express our leadership and be able to find meaning and purpose in our leadership roles.

Day 2: Leadership as a means of expression of our inner selves. Turning the search for meaning into an opportunity to achieve significance as leaders. All throughout the retreat, participants can enjoy free and leisure time, as well as scheduled fun activities that include sports, campfires, games, walks, and many other opportunities for dialogue and personal interaction.

The next edition of the Leader’s Journey will take place in the second semester of 2018.

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