LS Argentina 2018

Learnerspace Argentina 2018 will be the first conference of its type in Latin America, a unique gathering of more than 500 educators from public and private schools in Argentina and Latin America convening to start transforming education. Conceived as a hands-on interactive experience for all participating educators, Learnerspace Argentina will feature a series of simultaneous activities that will allow attendees to learn about the future of education and how to create the school of the future now, whilst engaging in a first-person learning experience that exemplifies the same pedagogy that is advocated for change.

This one of a type event will take place on June 5 and 6 at the Sheraton Retiro in Buenos Aires, and is jointly organized by The Learnerspace and Usuaria, a 30-year nonprofit association representing technology users organizing some of the most prestigious information technology events in the region.

Some of the activities planned for the conference include:

  • Collective exploration session. Teachers will work for an extended period of time researching and developing a topic, collaborating and innovating in creating a cutting-edge educational project that they will later be able to apply during the school year.
  • Physical education and sports. Throughout an interactive exhibit, participants will learn about the latest trends and tendencies in the learning of physical education and sports, and how the development of healthy habits for life is the backbone of this area in the school of the future.
  • Treasure hunt. A concatenated series of online clues where participants form teams and have to engage in a fun completion of this quest, all whilst learning valuable lessons about the use of technology, apps, software, mingled with some fun activities on site.
  • Quiz show. An entertaining team game were participants will demonstrate their knowledge on education and other fun trivia, as a way to exemplify a fun and engaging learning activity for the classroom.
  • Healthy food and eating habits. Another interactive exhibit where participants will be able to prepare healthy food, and learn about some nutrition principles that should guide such efforts at schools.
  • Projects contest. Teachers from schools will submit their innovative learning projects, which will be showcased at the event and a winner chosen by the audience.
  • Design learning. A hands-on workshop exemplifying how the current trend of maker spaces and design can be related to learning and researching on the Internet, as a way to make the best of both worlds: technology as a catalyst for learning and design as a pedagogical manifestation for 21st century skills.
  • #ilovelearning. Sponsors for our conference will showcase their own learning experiences in the corporate world, as a way to bridge the gap between schools and the business world, where learning starts to become paramount in their corporate strategies.
  • Reflection pool. A gathering space for educators to discuss and learn about the latest trends in education, talk and reflect on how the renewed learning paradigm can be materialized in schools right away.
  • Unconference forum. A keynote plenary session in which the audience becomes the plenary speaker. Through use of their personal devices and ad hoc software and online interactive it is, participants would express their opinions, ideas, and chart out a vision for the future of education as a way to collectively pool their knowledge and interests.


The event will feature many more similar interactivities and workshops, all of which are tailored to provide attendees with the opportunity of experiencing themselves the same changes that are advocated for the future of learning.

For more detailed information on the event (in Spanish) click here.