The Global Academy is a joint initiative from The Learnerspace and Fase 2, an opportunity for a shared exploration of the world of education through a series of study trips, conferences, school visits, and interactions with some of the most important speakers in the world of education.

This unique professional development offering will feature a series of trips to some of the most important conferences and learning opportunities in the world, all within a group of like-minded educators who seek to further their horizons by experiencing some of the most advanced, cutting-edge educational practices in learning institutions.

Educators are invited to join a community of educators who will share, through an online blog, their learning experience as well as valuable resources regarding global trends and innovative practices in education.

By participating in at least one trip per year, educators can access an annual subscription to the Global Academy website, which contains all conference presentations, photographs, interviews and a myriad of learning resources in a true online professional learning community.