Week 2 – Marketing Strategy

This week´s focus is on strategy, on how to sort through the multiple variables and possibilities to come up with a concrete actionable plan to engage in effective marketing initiatives.

As we mentioned, it is never an exact science and it is thorugh multiple iterations, feedback and segmenting successfully that a comperehensive strategy will emerge.

Marketing our Why

Please watch the following video:

In this popular TED Talk Simon Sinek states “people don’t buy WHAT you do, but WHY you do it”, by means of the Golden Circle.

The challenge is as to how to get our potential clients to buy our WHY by marketing it in a clear and compelling way.

Please answer the following questions. All answers will be kept confidential, and individual feedback will be provided.

Your WHY as a leader

One of the key elements to a healthy leadership is personal resonance with school values.

What’s your own WHY as an educational leader? To what extent is your passion or personal goal aligned with the school’s mission? Answers are personal and confidential

Case Study – Glenealy School

Please watch the following video:

Answer and discuss the following questions in our forum below.

What is the school’s value proposition?
What is the objective of the video?
Where would you publish it and why?

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