Keynotes and Workshops

The Learnerspace staff can offer a variety of workshops and keynote lectures at conferences, training sessions and other professional development instances, on education for the future as well as trends and tendencies in education worldwide, with an emphasis on professional practice, grounded on the individual and collective expertise of our team of educators who are still working on the field.

Our speaker team, led by Gabriel Rshaid, author of several forward thinking books on education for the future, and who has led and spoken on more than a hundred sessions and workshops in all five continents, cover the complete age level span of schools, with specialists in kindergarten, elementary and secondary education. Our consultants delve from a dearth of first hand educational experience, as well as having visited and learned from best practices in hundreds of schools all over the world.

Workshops and keynotes can be tailored and developed ad hoc based on the needs of the client or conference. The following is a list of some of the workshops and sessions most delivered by our team:


The School of the Future: how to transform any school into the school of the future now.

Educational change is generally expected to be originated top down, via all-encompassing policies or external programs that generally lag far behind the level of awareness of educators about the drivers for change, as well as being vulnerable to forces that result in that the outcomes are, more often than not, out of sync with the times and counterintuitive to the very rationale for change. Instead of waiting for an institutional tipping point, the talk covers specific strategies to initiate an organic process of change, from the classroom upwards, through specific entry points that allow every teacher in any setting to start developing the school of the future right away.

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From all over the world to the classroom: a synthesis of global trends and lessons learned.

Forces at play in the world of education appear to be at odds with each other, making this, the best time in history to be an educator, also a time of seemingly global confusion. PISA rankings, dazzling and at the same time tantalizing and unsettling technological change, the need for a completely new pedagogical model that caters to higher order skills such as creativity and critical thinking, standardized exams, and the East and the West mutually envying rigor and creativity in their respective systems all conspire to create a perfect educational storm that may leave teachers and administrators befuddled as to how to guide schools into the future.

Delving from a dearth of experiences, having traveled the world presenting and visiting schools in all five continents, the presenter will take participants in a journey all over the world of education, through quotes, presentation materials and short experts from the leading voices in education, finally attempting to find a common thread that can be linked to applicable classroom strategies.

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Searching for Meaning… site not found

One of the unintended and never foreseen consequences of the emerging irreversibly interconnected era is that, accompanying access to all accumulated knowledge, the Internet has also opened up a veritable new world, the virtual world, one where online interactions are frantically gaining in intensity and realism, as the lines between what is real and what is virtual are increasingly blurred.

The seminar explores the main dimensions of the challenge faced by schools, highlights the developmental issues at stake for students, and comes up with several strategies and specific suggestions to try to go beyond the technical aspects of learning, and endeavor to turn around the negative perceptions of online interactions, seizing the opportunities provided to develop a set of cybervirtues and values.

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