Search for Meaning


  • The post Internet world. Characteristics, challenges, lifelong learning as the ultimate goal of schooling.
  • The virtual world. Social networks and online interactions. Digital footprint. Identity and privacy issues online. Review of real life examples of interactions that escalated out of control and had a life impact. Cyberbullying and viralization. The Klout score.
  • Children and the sense of self. The challenges of construing parallel real and social identities.
  • Adolescence and personality. Mythology and the need for epic interactions. The new myths in the Internet world. Globalization and identity.
  • Developing cybervirtues and cybervalues. Examples of positive online interactions. Cyber etiquette.
  • A roadmap for social networking. Online presence, extending the concept of real life presence to the virtual world.
  • Future technological developments and ethical impact on individuals and society. Fostering a moral and values compass to gauge the ethical impact of technology. The world of the future and foreseeable game changers.
  • The search for meaning: developing personal acumen that embraces change and thrives in a globally interconnected world.

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