The School of the Future Workshop

  • The principles and drivers for change, an outline of the rationale for a new school.
  • The curricular building blocks of the school of the future.
  • Extreme Curriculum Makeover, propitiating organic change through specific strategies and interventions.
  • The strategies:
    • Filtering and processing data in the infinite abundance knowledge paradigm.
    • Technology for learning.
    • The virtual world.
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Digital citizenship.
  • The game changers: a review of how future foreseeable technologies will impact education.
  • Ethical and social impact of technology developments and the role of schools in the process.

There are two alternatives for the presentation:

  • Talk: An overview of the underlying principles as well as pointers and examples of some specific strategies to start creating the school of the future.
  • Workshop: The workshop explores in detail specific strategies to bring about the curriculum makeover process, identifying the drivers outlined irrespective of school settings and constraints faced. By analyzing specific entry pots in the curriculum, the workshop explores how to initiate a process of organic change directly through pedagogical classroom level interventions.

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