3G Smart Conversations

At The Learnerspace we work to make true on one of the principles of the new educational paradigm: that we all learn from each other, and, most importantly, in professional development instances there is no longer such a thing as a passive audience. We believe in the value of providing conference attendees with a way to actively engage with speakers in co-constructing knowledge.

3G Smartgroup sponsors the Smart Conversations, an open forum to discuss some of the latest trends and tendencies in education, with a particular focus on space, and how a renewed and innovative use of spaces may result in advanced pedagogies.

At the 2018 edition of the Smart Conversations in Buenos Aires, we worked with participants in the keynote panel so that the same discussion that they engaged in was first discussed by conference attendees. Their reflections and the public’s where then run through an AI engine which analyzed semantic topics and personality.

Then, during the panel itself, the public acted as another speaker, and in real-time they participated with the speakers in answering the same questions that they were discussing at the panel, through different interactivities.

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