The Learnerspace goes online

The sudden transition to the online world was fairly seamless for The Learnerspace. Since technology and the online medium were natural hosts for most of our activities, we have been very busy and active developing learning experiences in the online world.

Together with one of our partners, Lenovo, we delivered three webinars on lessons learned during the pandemic, as well as on how to utilize advanced applications for learning in the online world, participated in online interactions with Newport School in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and with Acamica in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We also hosted a conversation on the future of learning for The Global School, featuring two of the leading systems thinkers in the world, Pavel Luksha and Alexander Laszlo.

Several new and exciting projects are in the works, helping school systems and organizations adapt to an ever changing world, attempting to take full advantage of the learning potential of a redefined education paradigm.

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